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The Colton Group

Twenty-first Century solutions for today’s synagogue

We offer a complete resource for your synagogue
  • Financial Planning 
  • Personnel and Management Evaluations 
  • Educational Programming
  • Religious School Textbooks
  • Fund-raising 
  • Membership Campaigns and Public Relations 
…all phases of synagogue life

The Colton Group

Answer your questions about financial planning
Revenue streams: Dues, fees, catering and endowments

Review and evaluate personnel relations 
and synagogue management practices
Job descriptions, staff relations and training; 
operational procedures and policies

Can provide comprehensive 
educational programming 
Curriculum evaluation, physical plant management, 
teacher training, and parent educational programming

Develop individualized synagogue 
fund-raising programs 
Feasibility studies, case statements, matching gift programs, 
endowment structuring and campaign planning

Design membership and public relations 
campaigns for individual synagogues 
Advertising, retention techniques, interfaith 
and civic profiles


Are you troubled by synagogue 
management problems?

Are you experiencing the shortfall of 
insufficient revenue streams?

Are you considering a capital 
fund-raising program?

Are you troubled by questions about 
your religious school?

Are you stymied by shrinking or stagnate 
synagogue membership?

Are you troubled by synagogue management problems?
You are not alone! Yesterday’s accepted synagogue management models 
may no longer be working for you.

“Volunteers are at a minimum…and our members constantly tell us that...
‘the only time they hear from us is when the synagogue 
either wants my time or my money.’”

Demanding something from your members rather than servicing them 
produces these tensions. 

Are you experiencing the shortfall of insufficient 
revenue streams?
A synagogue dues program alone can no longer sustain the 
cost of goods and services.

“We don’t have enough members paying full dues.”

No synagogue regardless of size can survive even when 
all of its members are paying full dues.


Are you considering a capital fund-raising program?
Every synagogue should be considering fund-raising programs that indemnify the future of the synagogue. 

“It is simple. The budget can easily be balanced by reducing 
salaries and services.”

The financial problems of today’s synagogue should never be 
unconsciously shifted to the next generation. 

The financial problems of today’s synagogue cannot be allowed to 
become tomorrow’s unbearable burden. 

To determine the viability of a synagogue by looking first at the budget 
is backward management.

Are you troubled by questions about  your
religious school? 
Religious school instruction and training must be founded on the most current, cutting edge techniques of modern education.

“In our religious school, our students cross the Red Sea every year when Moses, maybe, only crossed it once. All we hear from our students is, ‘It’s all the same. It’s boring!’”

A properly constituted curriculum builds on the previous year’s learning as opposed to merely repeating that learning on a higher level. 
Students must be accompanied by parents in their discovery of Judaism.


Are you stymied by shrinking or stagnate 
synagogue membership?
Demographics, competing synagogues and other Jewish organizations 
all vie for the same membership. 
What sets your synagogue apart from the rest?

“All my friends belong to the other synagogue, 
but we are more friendly?”

A projection of a negative profile is often very subtle. 
Defensive posturing usually obscures what your synagogue 
needs to do in order to be successful.

How your synagogue delivers personal services, the manner in which it 
treats its membership, and its willingness to offer 
alternative programming is the key.


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